VOB to compete with CloneCD



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The german company VOB shows some balls in their new InstantCD 6. The application comes with special 1:1 copy module that adjusts the copy operation…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1641-VOB-to-compete-with-CloneCD.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1641-VOB-to-compete-with-CloneCD.html)

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A url would have been really nice :c


Ignore my previous post–I am so red :o and blind :7


You can also download DEMO from the German version of their web.


Actually I just went to the site to d/l it and the message on the d/l page was"The demo versions are not available in the moment. We correct this as soon as possible." So We can’t test it out yet


Download works but u have ro go to German site. Click on Germany flag.


In German though which is a little difficult for me, downloading it so will have a go :d


Here’s english version of the app: http://www.vob-test.com/InstantCDDVDTimedemo.exe 22Megs I don’t know why they have hidden it.


Nothing there except a simple gif file :frowning:


OPPS SILLY ME :4 I just pasted the link into getright, and it is d/l now :wink: hmm well done to the peep who managed to login and change the dir attribs so you could find the file :d keep up the good work :8


I know there are few writers capable of burning SD2… but is there an url site where I can find a list of tested capable hardware? Thz to all :7


Im interested in that too Shuriken, with my nice Ricoh drive :wink: Have anyone actually tried this out ?? I thought VOB was more like a bad beginners program? Or ?? Thanks


On http://clonecd.virtualave.net/cdr_r.html you’ll find compatible recorders. It’s the EFM-encoding you’ll have to look at for SD2. No Ricoh’s are supported…


All we need now is some sort of keygen to unlock the prog to give full features :4


sorry but i download instantcd like anyone else and i install it. then i try to copu Black and White who has a safedisk v2 protection i put the option ignore read error and don’t repair subchannel data my copy don’t work, he ask me the cd !!! I have a plextor 121032 1.08 and a DVD pionneer 1640 1.08 what are the right option ??? :c I just want an answer !


Thx to Tafkap for the url… :8


This demo has quite a few bugs… but the program is potentially great. A full review will be soon available at www.burningissues.net based on a “pre”-fullversion provided to them by VOB.


Old-link is removed. Try this! http://www.vob-trail.com/InstantCDDVDTimedemo.exe