Vob to avi



I would like a guide to convert a VOB to AVI,and what converter is best to use.a stright one to one would be good, as i am new to this.thanks for any help you can give me on this xbill, a noob


One of easiest ways to convert DVD into AVI is autoGK (short for Auto Gordian Knot).

It’s a free software. You can find it here

Some guides can be found here


Also fairuse (free) & cloneDVD mobile, not free but the fastest.


WI, geno888 . I downloaded auto GK loaded my vob it started converison but after a few min it stopped with a pop up of. DIVX PRO AD support missing. Any idea of what to do .Ididn’t say ware to get it or install it. looking for more info . thanks, x bill


It seems that something in the codec went messy. Try to uninstall and install again the codec; this should solve.

Another solution could be to use Xvid (that is also free) instead of DivX. Anyway, is still you have problems also after installing again the DivX codec, probably there is some type of incompatibility with your system. In this case, I suggest to write to divx technical support, so they can solve the issue in future updates :slight_smile:


How do i install or reinstall DIVX codec, in auto GK.Ihave a codec pack. witch has nastaveneac3/DIVX/XVID/DVOBSUB.in my all program list; I can open them ,but have no idea how to use them.I did a reinstall of auto GK. but that didn’t help. i thought every thing would be in the down load?any help on this will be appreciated,Thanks. a noob!! I tried fairuse wizard, had same problem ,DIVX PRO AD support missing.


If you installed a codecpack, I suggest to uninstall it and install only codecs you really need. I don’t like these codec packs because they installs lot of useless (and often messy) things.

Go to control panel --> Add/remove Programs.

Search for the codec pack in the list, and press the “uninstall” button. Then, install only Xvid codec (this is sufficient, and also free, to convert DVD into avi).


HI geno888;I uninstalled the codecpack, installed XVID, Ran auto GK and this what i got after it started, inclosed this file. I hope you can help me with this problem.I hope i not to big a pain on this.!!! Thanks for your help


I think that you must select the right codec. Press the [B]advanced settings[/B] button and select Xvid instead of Divx. This should solve :slight_smile:


THANK YOU,for takeing the time to help me. It is working now. thanks lot. Bill A big noob


You’re welcome :slight_smile: