VOB to AVI DIVX/XVID question

I have recently tried to copy a program to a dual layer disc using my LG LRH-780 HDD recorder. Having encountered numerous issues with the DL discs, I have now decided to divide the program onto to 4.7 gig discs, transfer it to my computer, convert the .vob files to .avi xvid codec, rejoin them, and archive the file on a regular 4.7 gig disc. However, when converting the .vob file to xvid or divx and then trying to replay it on my tv via my recorder, I notice that the picture tends to get blurry when there is high motion (it’s a soccer game). obviously this does not occur in the original file, and I am wondering what could be causing the loss of quality. I encoded the files using MediaCoder. What can I do to retain the DVD quality of the original file in the xvid converted file??? any suggestions??

Hmm… for a 90+ min football match you should get a decent quality xvid with a 700MB file size, larger final file size = higher bitrate = better image quality

You may want the check this out, prog called autogk pretty good i use it for my mpeg2 to xvid/divx conversions


alright i’ll give that program a try, thanks for the suggestion!