VOB to AVI/DIVX with 5.1 sound!

Now, for a change, I need some help. I’ve got myself a little server and I know I can rip DVDs and pt them on it, then stream them to other PC etc. But I would also like to convert my DVDs to a suitable format for some other stuff. So I was thinking, I could rip onto my hard drive, then extract the audio and convert it as a separate stream to 5.1 sound. Then convert video and patch them togehter. Will it work? What can I use to convert the audio? I can then use Dr. Divx forthe Video. Is this feasible/sensible?:slight_smile:

I suppose it’s possible, and Dr DivX sould convert the movie no problem, the only thing I would seriously consider is what bitrate to encode in as anything too high would throttle the bandwidth of your network.
I think DVD2SVCD uses BeSweet to convert the audio (available from doom9.net).

Yes this can be done, and it can be done quite well.

I’ll explain the steps to you very briefly (as it seems you already understond the most important stuff).

  1. Rip your DVD to your harddrive. I’d advice to use DVD Decrypter (use the stream processing mode) and only rip the main movie.
  2. Rename the ripped .vob files to .mpeg
  3. Fire up TMPEGEnc and go to file->mpeg tools; use the simple demux to extract seperately the audio and the video from the mpeg files and the join fuctionality to make one big file out of it.
  4. Encode the .m2v with any video encoder you want, and use AC3Machine for the .m2a audio files.
  5. Give the converted autio file a .wav header with mp3wav
  6. Merge the files with VirtualDub
  7. Ready :slight_smile:


Well there you go. If you got any more questions, please ask!!