VOB Timestamp Issue

i have several movies im trying to convert to xvid.
i start by using dvd decrypter and anydvd to rip them to my hard drive.
when i import the vobs into a converter (usally 5 VOBs), 3 or 4 of them show up with the right duration fo the section, however the remaining 1 or 2 are showing like 53000 minutes. i have also tried using dvd shrink to extract to a single 4 or 5 gig VOB file, but when movie is an hour plus its coming but as like 18 minutes… the file will load but as it is playing it will jump forward many minutes and continue playing WITH audio in sync… so it play like the first 5 minutes with audio then jumps 10 minutes and plays with audio for the given scene…

i have tried using dvd decrypter, dvd shrink, No 1 DVD Ripper (which errors out at the first skip), xilisoft dvd ripper (which wont sync the a/v). but the dvd plays fine from any dvd player or dvd player software (have only tried WMP and PowerDVD).

the same thing happens when i try going straight from the dvd…

any help would be welcome

im trying to rip to stream to DLINK dsm520. it can play straight VOBs but even the VOBs are messed up showing 18 minutes when its an hour plus

Please can you tell us what program you are using to convert to XviD…?

ive tried using xilisoft video converter and no1 dvd ripper
it was suggested today that i try AUTOGK.

Xilisoft is the program telling me that various dvds have 50,000+ minutes
no1 dvd ripper just displays message that there was an error reading a section of the movie.