Vob stripping

I am having trouble with DVD backups. I have created some successful DVDs (movie only), but often if throws ‘bad discs’. This is what I am doing:

Extract entire disc with DVDecryptor. Ifoedit the main movie file using the instructions (for retaining movie only) on Doom9.org. Use Imgtools89 to create image which is burnt to CD-RW using Dedecryptor.

I know the problem i am having relates to ‘strip VOB IDs’ option in IFOEDIT. I’m not sure what I should actually do here.Doom9 seems to suggest that the VOB IDs relates to the number of sets of .VOB files on the disc - unfortunately this doesnt seem to be the case. I have tried selecting all - which doesnt work, I have also tried selecting 1 and selecting say 4 or 5 relating to the number of VOB files in the movie itself. That doesnt work either.

For example I can backup ‘Triple X’ DVD without any problem. It has one ‘VOB ID’ which I selected. Copied Disc is perfect.

However, ‘Bridget joness diary’ has 4 ifo’s and 4 sets of VOBs. But under IFOEDIT’s ‘VOB EXTRAS’ it has 2 ‘vobid’ options. I have tried selecting both, but the copied disc does not play.

‘Maybe Baby’ DVD has 25 or so ‘vobids’!! Always throws up a bad copy.

How do I know which to select?The VOB IDs seem to bear no resemblance to what is actually on the disc. I have tried the ‘movie only’ option on IFOEDIT, but i either get a bad disc, or a disc with only 1/4 of the movie on it. Any help gratefully appreciated

I had similar experiances with IFOEdit initially and gave up on it, worked sometimes, not others.

For the movies that will fit to DVDR with only the movie and some audio tracks, then I just demux them with DVD Decrypter rather than extract the VOB files to HD and re-author in Maestro. This way it ALWAYS works but can take a little longer to do, but we are only talking minutes. Have a read of the DVD to DVDR Tutorial in the Tutorial section. Its all explained in there.