VOB strange behaviour!?

Hi everyone,

Recently joined, and pleased to be here. :slight_smile:

I have been trying to cut together two sections of two VOB files.

Normally I would not have a problem with this, but I have not come across something quite so strange and would appreciate any feedback and advise from those who know better than I.

The whole section I need to cut together is over two sections of old film. Split between two VOB files. The strange thing about the sections, is that though each runs for many minutes, the ‘timing bar’ one normally sees scrolling along the front of a media player with each passing second/minute, only allows for the first 12 secs to play, and then it stops. However, after a brief pause continues again (though the timing scroll is as far right as it can go), and plays the rest of VOB but it’s very staggered. If I then pull the scrolling counter back close to its start point, it plays a further 12 seconds of the VOB perfectly…then pauses, and starts the same activity all over again. :frowning:

Sorry if I am stupid by bringing this up, but what is causing this, and what do I do to get to view the whole of these VOB files without this happening please? It does the same thing even if I change the extension of the files to MPEG2. :confused:

Can anyone please shed some light on this?

Thank you for your time and consideration with this query

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Please tell us what software you are using to join/play these two pieces of video, and what is the source of these ‘VOBs’?

Strictly speaking, .vob files are associated with DVD-Video authoring, and if they haven’t been ripped correctly then you can get these sorts of timing problems.

Ok…Well, I’m a researcher.

I am currently working a project with a bunch of WWII veterans that includes a section of b & W, inside two sections of colour footage from that era. The item is all public domain footage.

Over the last few days I have installed the following, having searched the internet for a solution to this : ‘ChopperXP’, ‘AutoGK’, and already had ‘Xilisoft’ for a couple of years myself.

AutoGK appears to be the only thing shows the files in their entirity without this strange behaviour, but will only convert the files to AVI for editing, and files are extraordinarily big!

I believe that the DVD was originally put together by a veteran, so could be the reason for it not being quite ripped together adequately, as you point out…but in that person’s defence, I must add that it plays fine on a DVD player, but the chapters have are not in the menu selection at all…just one point to start from. Thats it… If that makes sense?

I hope I am being clear to the cause with these explanations here!?

Thank you for your kind assistance