.vob splitting software

I am trying to find a program to split .vob files into smaller bits. I downloaded “Free Video Splitter” because it was supposed to be able to split MPEGs and that is what I requested from the provider of the DVD. However, when I tried to split the file into the smaller bits we can actually use, it pulled up every file type but vob. I went into the files and looked at them and saw that they had the ifo, bup and vob files for each of the DVDs.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Try DVDShrink first.Use Reauthor & the Start/End farmes function.

AviDemux can do this too.
Both those are freeware.
I haven’t used it but I’ve read the paid VideoReDo suite does a good job.

VideoReDo and Womble Mpeg Video Wizard DVD are two commercial programs that are designed to work with the mpeg2 video streams found in dvd video. There are free trials for both.

DVDShrink is free to use, and as cholla pointed out, you can use it in ReAuthor mode and select sections that you want to cut out with the Start/End Frames tool. The output from Shrink will be small dvd video files.

I don’t really advise AviDemux for cutting mpeg2, as I have had too many issues with it losing audio/video synchronization.

Thanks so much for the help. The DVDShrink program worked great!