VOB Rips



I am new to this but like so many I want to backup my music collection. I am using the latest release of AnyDVD but for the life of me I can’t get it to work with disks that contain VOB files. I have looked around and don’t really see anything that tells me if this is possible or not.

So the question is can AnyDVD rip DVDs with VOB files or am I just doing something wrong here? I am sure this has been asked before so forgive me but I just can’t find this information.

Thanks to anyone who will help me.



anydvd can rip, but will only make a 1:1 copy. Anydvd is mainly a copy protection removal program, you will need a program like dvdshrink (freeware) or clonedvd2


It will rip just right click on the fox and tell it what folder you want it to go to. as for saying the latest any dvd that don’t work let us know the version number. You can do this by simply putting the mouse over the little red fox in the task bar at the bottom of the windows desktop(lower right).


Right clicking on the fox brings up the AnyDVD Ripper diagloue box asking for the source and destination directory. However in the source box it only allows for the DVD drive letter and will not let me get to any subfolders. When checking “Copy DVD” it reports “VIDEO_TS does not exist!” The disc is in the drive.

I have been using InterVideo DVDCopy 4 to make my disk backups. That is of course when I have a rip folder to work from

DVD drive = Lite-On HP DVD740RI