VOB passthrough

I was wondering about the new VOB passthrough option - does this
process the IFO data to create a new clean VOB file? The reason I
ask is because I have been using dvdshrink to rip other VOB files
that had odd chapter and skipping errors. I wonder if dvdfab’s new
option will correct these by processing the IFO data while creating
the VOB?


Customize/No menus I think is more what you are looking for if you want DVD formatted output with clean IFO files based on the VOBs of the titlesets you include (as read from the original IFOs). Main Movie mode will also do this but has fewer options as to what input titlesets you can choose. If I have misunderstood your question enlighten me.

Oh, I see how you came to that. No, sorry, that was not my intention. I was just wondering if the new vob processing might correct odd vobs that fail to playback
correctly when renamed to mpg. I just tested it on one I am having trouble with
and it didnt work. Thanks anyway!

Hi farside847,

VOB passthrough is based on IFO parsing, so that it will output correct VOB data, for example multi-angle titles.

Best Regards,