Vob Passthrough Dvdfab Generic

After ripping Dvd to VOB in generic mobile option vob passthrough the file plays great on the Western Digital media player.The problem is the time shown is way off. The media player allows you to skip ahead in ten minute increments when fast forwarding . When I scan forward it goes right to the end of the film. Using other converters that convert to VOB files
I dont have this problem the VOB files show the correct time and fast forward fine. I really like dvdfab and would like to find a solution.

Sorry you are having trouble. I don’t have the WD player, so no way to test. The ones I make play fine on my Archos and my PC with VLC media player. Maybe another user with the same nice player will offer some tips. The developers check this forum almost daily and may have some questions.

I’m in the process of creating a “video jukebox” to use with my TiVo, so I’ve been using VOB passthrough extensively over the last week or so. Media authoring and programming is not my forte, so I can’t speculate on [B]why[/B] it happens with DVDFab but not with other converters. However, I [B]can[/B] say that a vast majority of the VOB’s I’m creating have the same or similar time problems that you are seeing. I now just go ahead and run each new VOB created with DVDFab through the QuickStream Fix tool in VideoReDo which fixes the time problem right up (and also fixes any out-of-sync video/audio problems).


Thanks Leevis I’ll give the Quickstream fix a try

I did find something interesting. I use mediainfo tool to check media files for codecs etc. When i check the original vob file it has a duration line in the info
that specifies how long the vob file is. When the vob files are merged or joined
that Duration line is missing from the file.
I will investigate further to see if the is a tool to edit that info.

I tried quickstream fix in videoredo, it ran and gave me no output file.
only a filename with zero filesize.

I did find VOB2MPG , and ran it on the video ts folders and it gave me complete MPG files that had the correct time embedded in them, and they ran correctly on my WD media player.

MediaInfo would give me the time on each vob file but whenever the vob was merged the embedded time stamp was gone.
I tried to look for a tool to modify the time but couldn’t find one