VOB Passthrough doesn't work


I finally did the plunge to upgrade to platinum because of all the new and stable DVD to mobile recoding available. I also liked the idea of the vob passthrough, so I can have a quick mpg rename and send to my tivo.

I am not having any luck with the vob passthrough tho! Every time I try to use the Vob passthrough profile it crashes to an email reporting screen. Any help?


The Vob passthrough problem happened in your every DVD or just one special DVD ?

Please send the crash report, I will try to find and fix the problem.


Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, it has happened for every dvd I’ve tried (at least 5). The other mobile profiles seem to work ok. I attached the crash log from Requiem for a dream. I get up to the step:

DVD Passthrough: Begin

Then it stops.

Crash Log.txt (8.85 KB)


I also test some DVD for Vob passthrough, all is ok. Did you reinstall early version DVDFab, if not please reinstall it first and install the lastest version. then try it again.

Did you check any subpicture in the source window ?
Can you tell me DVD name of your try it, maybe I have the same DVD, I can try it.


I just uninstalled, cleaned my registry, and reinstalled the DVDFAB platinum DVDFab is still crashing trying to do the VOB Passthrough.

The movie plays in the subpicture, yes. I tried previously decrypted movies and it still crashes. I have tried about 7 movies encrypted and decrypted and it still crashes. The last two movies I tried were: Requiem for a Dream and Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Am I suppose to adjust any of the settings for the VOB Passthrough, I selected the VOB device and left all the below settings to default.

What should the XML profile look like for VOB Passthrough?

Same for me. Crash log sent. Crashes normally (with report box) when one subpic stream is selected. If no subpic is selected, GUI freeezes, no Cancel button, close with “X”, brings up DVDFab “Are you sure to cancel” box, but will not close. Have to close with Task Manager. Also, high CPU load and >1 GB memory used after about 5 minutes with no subpic stream selected. DVD: Family Guy, Vol. 2, Season 3, Disc 1, Title#8 R1.

Too late to edit in: DVDFab writes a 0KB VOB file before freezing with no subpics selected.

I test only one DVD with vob Passthrough but I have problems with IDX/SUB. I already report the problem in other thread but have no response. The idx/sub is creating only in the first title. This is a episodic DVD with 4 episodes and title 2,3 and 4 don’t have their idx/sub files after finish the process.
I usually enable AnyDVD and disable protections settting of DVD Fab. When I use vob passthrough function this way I have crashed in the middle of the disc (only title 1 and 2 is creating). If I disable AnyDVD and enable protection settings of DVD Fab all titles are creating but only the first title have subtitles.

Is this the correct Vob passthrough profile:

<profile name=“vob.passthrough” type=“1” version=“200” device=“vob” tag=“dvdfab” description=“The profile is used to copy DVD to one or more VOB files.”>
<file format=“vob” onefile_size_mb=“0” />
<audio copy=“1” />
<video copy=“1” />

Why is file size zero “0” and why is there not a number=“1”. Also looking at the readme for profiles:
output file format or container, support value = “avi”,“mp4”,“psp”,“ipod_mp4”,“ipod_avc”.

Vob isn’t shown as being supported. Actually, what other containers are supported (mpg, mov, etc)?

That looks like the one I have. Ting could say for sure, but I think all the parameters you ask about are due to the fact that the codecs are not used in the passthrough mode. I think these settings tell the MPEG-4 engine to shut up.:slight_smile:
Other output filetypes are supported that are not listed there: 3GP etc. I think this VOB passthrough is temporary until MPG is added to the list.

Any word on this ting?

Signals… I just tried the VOB passthrough with a subpic and it seems to be working. Only when I don’t have a subpic it crashes.

Thanks for the update, and I hope it does. It looked like it was working for me, but never wrote the file. Post back when you’ve had a chance to watch the file.

hi, ubipa

I have found this bug when there is not any selected subpicture, the VOB passthrough would crash, which will be fixed in next version.


Just to confirm…

Without subtitle selected, it crashes always. Have tried on a couple of my machines.
With subtitle selected, it works OK…


Excellent! VOB Passthrough is working in Beta without subtitle selected! Thank you.