VOB or M2V file into Sony Vegas for editing?



I have a corporate DVD that I need to edit in Sony Vegas.
Using DVD Decrypter I have created a VOB file of the 25 minute film.
This is an MPEG2 file, and when I change the filename extension to MPG, and insert it into Sony Vegas, the video file is altered. The video is a repeating loop of the first 90 seconds of the the 25 minute file.
I also tried DVD Decrypter to Demux the DVD into an M2V video file, and this time Sony doesn’t recognize the format and can’t open this file when I change the file extension to MPG or MPEG.
Any thoughts?

PS Don’t worry about the audio I have a seperate file for that, just trying to get the video out of this DVD.


This link may answer your questions.

look for editing dvd


If you’re familiar with AV formats and the nuances of elementary streams, Project X is the best program to reliably demux problematic MPEG2 program streams to ES and remove errors.

It’s a Java app, but there’s a ready-compiled .exe version on the videohelp.com site that will most likely work.


Thanks for the help. I used Project X, but it seemed to only give me M2V files, which I could not use in Vegas. Through videohelp.com I came across VOB2MPG, and that seemed to do the trick for me. Thanks for your responses and input!