VOB numbering limitations-Pearl Harbor

After much experimentation trying to get Pearl Harbor on a single disk, and trying different procedures that have been posted, I finally managed to get this to work.

FYI: I only recently discoverd a limitation with VOB file names. You can only have single digit files eg: VTS_01_1 thru VTS_01_9. If you try to go into double digits it will not work correctly.

After ripping disk one it left me with 9 vob’s, disk 2 had 3 more which put me over the limit.

So here is what I found to be a workable solution.

  1. After ripping disk one let DVD2ONE process those VOB’s as if it were the whole movie.

  2. Rip disc 2 and simply rename the VOB’s numerically in sequence with the output from DVD2ONE. ( if DVD2ONE left you with VTS_01_1 thru VTS_01_4, then rename these 3 files VTS_01_5 thru VTS_01_7)

You don’t need to use VOBedit to join these clips.*

  1. Copy the newly renamed VOB’s into the same folder you directed DVD2ONE to put the results of disc 1.

  2. Now that you have all the VOB’s in one place you can delete the VTS_01_1.IFO file and the VIDEO_TS.IFO from that folder.

  3. Now open IFOedit and crete new IFO files.

  4. Make sure after they finish you select the audio language and sub language , save the file, then get VTS sectors.

This will give you the complete 3+ hours on one DVD-R without violating the numbering limitation.

hope this helps for anyone who may have encountered this type of problem.


Got the movie overhere but didn’t come around to it yet.
But why not the following:

  1. Decrypt whole DVD
  2. Strip Stream with Ifoedit (Video - 1x Audio - 1x Sub)
  3. Get Vts Sectors
  4. Fire up DVD2One

Think that will also reduce the number of .VOB’s