VOB InstantCD6 questions

I run XP home and I have a LiteOn 32x. It came bundled with Nero but I couldn’t get InCD to install (even with the W2K work around suggested on an IOmega site). I tried EZCdCreator 5.1 and it would not recognize my drive for packet writing.

VOB’s InstantCD6 worked right off the bat so I went ahead and purchased it. I don’t have a need for SD2 backups yet and I noticed VOB isn’t talked about much (except for DVD recording).

Can someone tell me the limitations of InstantCD6? How robust is it for copying.

I haven’t resorted to Clone CD or CD Mate yet and I was wondering if I need to. One last question, do these programs interfere with each other (Can I have Clone CD and VOB installed at the same time?