VOB Instant Copy - How does it write in RAW mode?

I just posted the article VOB Instant Copy - How does it write in RAW mode ?.

Spinne used our newssubmit (thanx!!) to tell us about an article he made about VOB instant copy. Accoring to Olli (our friend from CloneCD) VOB has developed a method to ‘cheat’ a protection. Spinne…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1780-VOB-Instant-Copy---How-does-it-write-in-RAW-mode-.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1780-VOB-Instant-Copy---How-does-it-write-in-RAW-mode-.html)

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Considering that I’m not english and maybe the translations isn’t perfect, does it mean that if my reader doesn’t support RAW and my writer does, VOB “generates” the data to make it RAW? If so, this is cheating, to me. (Deducted from the conclusion) - Mith

In my opinion some drives writing in RAW mode still correct/change data. I think EFM problem is bullshit and a cover up. If this is the problem then you would not be able to write certain audio CDs properly - i.e. there would be cracks, pops, and snap, etc - you name it :8. Back to the subject… RAW writing requirements is that the PC also supplies subchannel data. If your drive cannot read these then obviously you don’t have enough to write in RAW mode. Generating valid sub data is not cheating - but generating invalid ones definitely constitute in cheating! Well, if this is true it’s still better than a crack.