Is there a program out there that takes decrypted dvd files and makes a mpg or avi file out of them? i realize that this is basically a long way of just ripping a dvd to an mpg (ie IMTOO DVD RIPPER, etc), but i never get good quality with any of those plus the audio never seems to sync up. any suggestions? thanks for the help!!

Yes there sure is a freeware program called AutoGK. http://www.free-codecs.com/download/AutoGK.htm

AutoGK is excellent for avi.
If you want an mpg, try ReJig (file mode).

I’m too new at this “but” often for me just changing the vob extension to mpg is all that needs to be done. Works for some programs, and not for others.

you can use tmpgenc dvd author. open tda and click add dvd video, save output as mpeg. no re-encoding = no lose of quality.

ok, I have tried to convert vob files to avi or wmv using winavi and other programs but for some reason I can’t get any audio in the converted files. I see some pop-ups saying about dvd plugins and no realmedia codec 9.0 etc but I just want one converter that does everything with all codecs so i dont have to keep guessing what I have to do next to get it to work. I;m sick of downloading codec packs and the like for still no audio

You obviously havent read the Tutorial section then, always worth a look :slight_smile:


Hey man, thank you soooooo much for this site. :clap: I have been looking for ages for a free program which would allow me to put my dvds on my comp and then onto my mp4 player. This worked well, it took ages though but at least the tutorial was helpful.

I can now go and have my baby in hospital and watch movies on my IAudio to pass the time and distract me from the pain. :o

Cheers!! :bow:

heyy does anyone know where to download BUP and IFO storage???

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[QUOTE=ayannababi;2079189]heyy does anyone know where to download BUP and IFO storage???[/QUOTE]

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