VOB/IFO/BUP to .avi possible?

I recently downloaded these DVD files that were clearly uploaded with the assumption everyone downloading would want to burn them to DVD. The problem is I don’t have a DVD burner or player on my CPU. Is it possible to convert these file formats to .mpg and then to .avi or simply convert to .avi while shrinking the files by about 300 megs each (they are each about 1 gig) without losing much quality so I can just burn each to a CD instead? Also will audio be a problem?

Thx to anyone that knows.

Try this program to get it to avi.
then use Nero to create a svcd, Super Video Cd. Which is just like a dvd. Just it burns to a or two CD-R. If you need more help let me know.

Cool thx. Well I got the program but I have VOB, IFO and BUP files. Which one do I need to convert to the AVI? When it gives the option to open a DVD file I show it the folder that has VOB and BUP files and it adds the whoile folder but then next to that option to open DVD files it has an option to add IFO’s. Do I need to open both of them into the prgram to convert? Or just what it adds automatically when I point to the folder?

Can you explain better?

From where did you download these dvd?

Forget my last post. To be honest I’m actually successfully converting each VOB/IFO to an avi now. The only problem is my movies are coming out choppy, they “stall” every 3 seconds or so. The Frame rate is set to Auto, would that be making the movies choppy? Here’s a look at my settings before I convert the VOBS to avi (default settings).

You want same quilty. So not false.

That made the quality better but my problem with the choppiness isn’t resolved.
They’re still coming out choppy. A stall every 3 seconds. I think it’s the bitrate and/or the frame rate. But I’m not sure.

Allright forget that program try WinAvi Video Converter. Pretty good app for “to AVI”

In my opinion,you just need convert .vob files in the folder,the others don’t need do.

Hey I downlaoded this DVD Platinum DVD Ripper but it has got watermark and i cant find the serial…Can u help me find the serial so tht I can convert the files into avi without watermark!!!

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