VOB ID bug in cDVD

There’s a bug with the VOB ID in the version.
The bonus DVD of Bambi has some VOB ID upper than 256 (…269) and cDVD crashes when it treats the last VOB (99 % !).
May be the size was too small (1 byte in place of 2 ?)

The VOB ID is 2 byte size in the norm…

Region? Country? UPC code?

Just tried Bambi Extras Region 2 (German), UPC 717418012908.
No problems.

It’s the french version.
And I check the UPC code this evening…

Has the german version a lot of VTS_XX ?
French version goes to 32…

Yes, same on the german version.

And, in the german version, the VOB Id goes to 269 (cf. IfoEdit) or upper 256 ?

In which file? (I am not going to look up all 32 .IFO files :wink: )

Oups… The latest IFO (VTS_32_0.IFO).
If I remember there’s a _1 and _2.VOB for the VTS_32 …

On the german version the highest VOB ID is 249. Time to get a french “Bambi”.

The BarCode is : 8 717418 005474
DVD ripped with DVD Decrypter
The error is : “Clone 1 TCE”
It appears during the image “ESCOREGAR NOVAMENTE ?”

From IfoEdit :
VIDEO_TS::VMG Overview:
Number of Title Play Maps: 39 (VMG_PTT_SRPT)

Title 39: VTS_32_*, TTN_1 (Angles: 1) (Chapters: 270) (Start Sector 3340733)
Number of Video Title Sets on this DVD: 32 (VMG_VTS_ATRT)

[000001d0] Title_39: Title playback type 125 [7d]
[000001d1] Title_39: Number of angles 1 [01]
[000001d2] Title_39: Number of chapters (PTTs) 270 [010e]
[000001d4] Title_39: Parental ID field 0 [0000]
[000001d6] Title_39: Title set number (VTS#) 32 [20]
[000001d7] Title_39: Title set Title-number (VTS_TTN) 1 [01]

[00000000] Number of VOB IDs in VTS_VOBs 269 [010d]
[00000004] End byte of VTS_C_ADT table 3235 [00000ca3]
[00000008] 1. Cell: VOB ID 1 [0001]
[0000000a] 1. Cell: Cell ID 1 [01]
[0000000c] 1. Cell: Start sector 0 [00000000]
[00000010] 1. Cell: End sector 178 [000000b2]

[00000c98] 269. Cell: VOB ID 269 [010d]
[00000c9a] 269. Cell: Cell ID 1 [01]
[00000c9c] 269. Cell: Start sector 750861 [000b750d]
[00000ca0] 269. Cell: End sector 751765 [000b7895]

What to do now ? :frowning:

What output size did you specify in the title selection screen?
If you look at the CloneDVD debug log, do you see several “remuxing forced” messages? (This would indicate ripping with a wrong CSS key)

DVD5 size
no several “remuxing forced” messages !
With the same extracted DVD :

  • DVD2One : the out is OK but it takes 5.4G in place of 4.3G so it do not fit in
  • DVDShrink : the out is OK and after deleting some Audio, it fits.
  • PowerDVD : OK/viewable
  • DVD2Avi : rapid check => OK
    So the PB isn’t in the decrypted film…


You can try something similar in CloneDVD. The german bonus disc only has english language plus subtitles.

Yes but, in fact, I want a copy of the whole DVD…
And as the name of the langage isn’t in the IFO, I must check for each if it’s the good !..
And the last question is in french with VOB ID 269.
So I prefer to backup all the disk.

And that do not explain the cloneDVD error…

Clone 1 TCE means, that the transcoder wasn’t able to squeeze the data to your output size. So, DVDShrink silently creating 5.4 GB instead of 4.3 GB is an unnoticed (and very hefty!) Clone 1 TCE.
If CloneDVD showed the error at 99%, it probably needed 4.5 GB instead of 4.3.
You can easily split the bonus disc to two DVD-+Rs, this should work fine. I doubt the VOB_ID disturbs CloneDVD at all.

What a good error message “TCE 1” for “not fit in” :frowning:
So I try with 5500 Mo in DVD out in case of…
processing now…
In Explorer, the result is 5.1G so it’s a size PB and not a VOB IB PB !..
Buf maybe the error message is also the PB !
Thanks a lot.

May I take this as a compliment? Just kidding, I know CloneDVD error messages are needlessly cryptic. Maybe because I believed “nobody will see them anyway”. Sorry.

Yes, it’s a compliment :slight_smile:
I disagree with you :
“nobody will see them anyway” is not true so it will be a good idea to have uncrypted error message.

Regards and thanks for your time…

Ah, the life of developers. :slight_smile: We ALL love to believe our error messages will never be seen by anyone except us or QA. And we ALL would be wrong in that assumption. :wink: I personally don’t care what the error says as long as I can report it to someone who knows what it means and can help me fix it. However, not being a typical user, I can tolerate that. The average user, however, will look at the complex error messages and freak out. It’s just a fact of life we have to deal with. I know how it goes, though…the error outputs are the absolute last thing you worry about after functionality and interface design. Gotta love software development.

“Bah, who cares what this text says…I’ll have this error fixed before I release it.” “Hey, what’s xyz error mean?” “Oh crap.” :wink: