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I’m trying to do some very basic video editing (then posting), but I’m having an awful time getting video (with sound) on the site correctly. I’m looking for some simple guidance, and hope you can help.

I have a Hitachi DVD camcorder, that records to a 1.4GB mini Dvd. Once finalized I load the DVD in my computer and save the files on my harddrive. Here is what’s driving me crazy.
I want to use some simple editing software like Windows Movie Maker, but it won’t take .vob files. So I’ve downloaded a ton of different programs to convert the file and I’m frustrated. I’ve tried Power Producer, as it came with my DVD Burner, but haven’t been very impressed. I couldn’t find a way to save / convert the .vob files to something I could post on Youtube…etc.

I tried DivX gets the video converted but no sound, DVD2AVI gets the video to .avi which Movie Maker will take, but it has no sound. I would like to use DVD2AVI so I can open the file in WMM. However, the .vob to .avi conversion breaks out the sound as a separate .wav file, which would be fine, but it’s impossible (for me) to match the .wav sound file to the video (out of sync). Crap…

Is there a freeware program that can convert .vob file to .avi or something editable that converts both video and audio together? I’ve heard MPEG Streamclip is good, and converts the .vob file, but WMM won’t accept it. Perhaps another editing software would take it… help.

Dell Dimension
Windows XP
1GB ram


try Super,
or AutoGK
good luck, and welcome to forum !!!