VOB files

I received excellant help with my last problem, but I am still in a spot of bother.
I managed to delete the ads from a TV program which was recorded in MPEG format.
My problem is that my DVD player doesn’t recognise this format, but from previous experience it will play files with a .vob suffix.
When I converted the file from MPEG to VOB format, and using when I try to burn a DVD using Paragon Easy CD DVD Recorder, using the Burn Video menu, it refuses to copy, because it cannot find the VOB file which is there, but in the Paragon drop down menu its not displayed.
Please help anyone?

Run the mpeg file through a dvd authoring program. If it is already compliant to dvd specifications, it won’t be re-encoded and lose quality.
DVDStyler is a free choice for this. http://www.dvdstyler.de/

If the mpeg file isn’t already compliant (resolution, frame rate, type of audio), then you’ll need to make it so. DVDStyler will do this also, but I’d rather use AVStoDVD instead. It will produce a finished dvd ready to burn.