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Hey Im trying to find out how to fun VOB files to a DVD so that they will play in my DVD player…I have 2 .VOB files and I have a Video_TS.BUB and a Video_TS.IFO files and i have VTS_01_0.BUB file and a VTS_01_0.IFO file… I open up nero and select DVD-Video and I drag all of those files into VIDEO_TS folder and I burn it but it will not play in my DVD player… Can someone please help me…


Perhaps there is not enough information in the files you transfer for Nero to make a playable disk…are you only copying one part of a dvd, or the the lot? Also, Nero usually warns a user that a disk may not be playable when compiling and burning dvds from individual files… did this happen? If so, you are missing a crucial file.

No its who whole dvd… And nero did not say that… So I don’t know what to do

Have you succesfully played burnt disks in you dvd player before? I’m asking this because there may be a compatibility problem with the blank dvds you are using. Also, did the dvd play in your computer?

Yes the DVD does play im my PC but not my DVD player… Yea I have made disc that work before…

Okay. If the disk plays in your computer and not your dvd player then it’s a problem of compatibility of the disk to your player…Nero is not at fault, neither is your burner. You could try copying the disk you have made on to a different brand of blank disk. I’d try TDK, if I were you. They make great disks and I find that when there is a compatibility problem a more expensive blank disk can sometimes help. It may not work but it’s worth a try if what you are trying to burn is important to you…hope this helps.

Thanks Ill try that and let you know if it works!!

One quick last thought before I log off (need to do supermarket shopping…what a chore!!!)…make sure that your player accepts the type[I] of disk you are using. That means that if you are using DVD-R blanks, that the player will “eat” these. Lots of my friends have been caught out by burning stuff onto DVD+Rs only to find they won’t work in their players… GOOD LUCK. I’ll wait 15 minutes for your reply before I hit the road.

Check the model of your dvd player here and see what it supports.


If you are burning to single layer dvd’s you are better off using dvd-r’s. There will be less issues.

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