VOB files with tv shows

When using DVDFAB and backing up dvds of TV shows with episodes, its easy to see the files that I want because of the size. However, they always separate into multiple VOB files (always under 1GB) vs keeping them as one. Does anyone know how to keep them as one VOB file or how to combine the VOB files so I can then burn them to a disk?

DVDFab is operates on Titles, part of the DVD-Video structure, not files as such. Any of the DVDFab re-author modes will allow you to extract a single title from any episodic DVD and give it a DVD-Video structure of its own that you can burn to disc, but the content may span more than one VOB file and will have its own IFO, BUP and possibly other files as well.

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I often record episodes of series like " Trial and Retribution " over here, and pause when the commercial breaks appear.
Once the disc is finalised, DVDFab then saves it to my HD, when I use Vob Blanker to remove all traces of the commercials. :smiley:
It’s an easy matter to use DVDFab to copy th files back on to a blank DVD, and if you wish to watch an episode later,you get a clean run through, with no breaks.
The same goes for films shown on tv as well.
Generally I use blanks costing around £12/100 overhere for that purpose,and any coasters have been my own doing, and nothing to do with the media.
Hope that helps.
Didn’t realise that I’d turn out to be so verbal.:rolleyes: