Vob files, tv episodes



I have several DVDs my sister wrote for me on her DVD player/recorder: She sent me some episodes of a show I like but do not get without cable. Many of them worked fine on my standalone player, but I have eight DVDs that do not.
I put one into my DVD-ROM DRIVE.
I can see that in folder labelled VIDEO_TS, there are several VOB files, each with a .IFO and .BUP, I had planned to use Nero to burn new copy of these files to play on a standalone DVD player; but if I am going to do that, why not edit out extra footage?

I opened the VOB file, original size 718,370 kb in VirtualDubMod, it was easy to make selection, delete it, and have the story intact. BUT when I went to save it, the only option I understood was avi interleaved, and the projected file size was 20468 Mb!

I can open it in Auto Gordian Knot, but do not have the editing (selecting and cutting frames) capacity, and it converts to AVI using either DivX or VidX codecs, so I assume it will be considerable smaller; but I cannot find where it tells me how big the file will be, and I am watching my Ram get eaten up…

and I have another problem:
My Windows XP does not like DivX or VidX movies. While I can drag a file encoded with one or the other into VLC player, and usually can view the video; my windows explorer “has to shut down” and I watch my desktop disappear. I tried opening them in Xilisoft Video Converter, but am not sure which of all the alternatives I could use would give me a file of reasonable size that I could play on the computer without making my Windows machine “faint”.
When I went to Microsoft online to find a “fix” all I could find was a vague reference to XVid, and that Windows doesn’t like it; and no help or work around or alternative codec. It was suggested that I had outdated codecs on my computer, I carefully removed and then re-installed both DivX and VidX versions that are supposed to work with Windows XP.
Is there any way to convert the files and use a codec that my machine isn’t allergic to and still have a more manageable file size?

Can you help me, please?
Thanks a lot.


For editing VOB files, why not use something like VOBEDIT. Using most editors, once you edit a file and save it as avi, you have to RENDER the video into MPEG1, MPEG2, XVID, or DIVX. Then you author that to a dvd. If you want to get into editing VOB files, you should do a little research at www.videohelp.com. Video editing isn’t something you can just jump into, and expect things to go well. Most of us spent many hours reading terminology, and reading forums before we started this venture. Time spent on the front end here, will save you a whole lot of time in the long run.

As for your CODEC problem, I’m not sure what is going on there. Hopefully someone else on the forum will know.


Thanks Rob.
I took a look at VOBedit, but I will postpone learning a whole new application for the moment.
I want to convert the VOB so I can use the programs I already know and use.
Yes, I am a newbie. I have been going to classes part-time since 2000
I learned Adobe products mostly, including After Effects, and, of course Photoshop. The labs were mostly Macs, so have two hundred plus hours of FinalCut Pro post production work - I am learning Virtual Dub, and this is my first effort with Virtual Dub Mod - which I like.

I burn lots of CDs and DVDs - as many as I can afford, both for storage and for playing. I backup most of my work on DVD because some of my image files are hundreds of Mb, (Photoshop files with many layers) and any project involves dozens of images.

And I have to be careful of my computer’s resources, and after a project will remove three or more DVDs of related files from my hard drives, just to make room for video work.

I just have a hard time getting my head around the encoding and decoding thing. And sometimes it takes going over something several times before I see the light at the end of the tunnel, as it were.


It’s taken a while, but I think I found the trouble with the codecs I had loaded, so I removed them and put on the k-lite codec pak; and my computer no longer crashes.
The troublesome files disappeared when I uninstalled "XP_Codec_Pack_1.2.1."
Now I can tackle the study of video compression without crashing my computer.
Thanks again.