Vob files too big for 4.7gb dvd

sometimes when i convert my home movies to vob, the total size is more than 4.7gb. Is there a program that will convert vobs files down to 4.7gb. I dont want to buy the dual layer dvds. I also know of dvd shrink but i dont want to waste time creating a image file for dvd i want to make and use alcohol 120 and then using dvd shrink to convert it down. when there might be a easier way to do it.

DVDShrink will shrink the whole VIDEO_TS folder, and recreate another VIDEO_TS folder, ready to burn.
No need to make an image, shrink, then remake image, then burn.

i thought dvd shrink would only shrink a dvd from a dvd drive

lol, i cant believe it, ive never seen the ‘open files’ button
thanks for your help


DVDshrink is awesome… I use that after DVDdecryptor… always works