VOB files - hard drive to burner



I have a DVD saved on my hard drive that I’d like to burn. It’s saved in the same file format as what a regular DVD would look like (.BUP, .IFO, .VOB files). I’ve burned AVIs to DVD with Nero 8 before, but have yet to play around with files that are already in the “DVD format”.

Can I simply burn the files to a DVD without going through the recoding process? Do I need to create the parent directories AUDIO_TS (empty) and VIDEO_TS (containing the files)?

I only ask because I don’t use coasters at my house and already have enough frisbees!


How big is the file? Would you be wanting to burn it onto single layer blank media or dual layer blank media?


You need all the vob bup and ifo files in a Video_TS folder. The Audio_TS folder should be empty, and is optional anyway.

The real question is, are the files small enough to fit onto a regular single sided dvd? If not, you will have to compress them using something like DVDShrink or burn to a dual layer dvd.

I prefer a free program called ImgBurn for my video burns, but Nero 8 will be able to burn a dvd-video also.


The files total 4.3GB, the DVD+R is 4.7. Ought to be fine, right?

Anything else I need to know or can I just slap those files on a DVD and call it good?


I don’t have Nero 8, but on older versions you burn using the option DVD-Video. Again, you’ll need them in the Video_TS folder.

4.37GiB = 4.7 GB You are close to max capacity for a single layer disk.


I would go with Kerry’s initial advice & burn the VIDEO_TS folder with ImgBurn in Build Mode.