.VOB files good on pc, not on dvd or in player (on dvd) details follow

Hey all and thanks for listening.

I have a global image file but RecordNow Max 4.5 will not see my dvd recorder unless I make a data disk ( I made a mp3 dvd with RecordNow and it works great), thus it never appears in the left window as an option for the global image.

I tried the instructions found here in a thread called "How to burn a DVD movie using Veritas RecordNow DX " but since my dvd drive isn’t displayed I can’t go further.

… after extracting my files from the GI files using ISOBuster.

I tried to create a data disc and set an option to recognize the video_ts and audio_ts folders per the dvd specification, but yet another coaster.

I then tried these steps in Nero:

No Wizard
No Multisession
ISO Level 1, ISO 9660, Joliet
UDF 1.02 Physical Partition
Changed Label (ex. THE_MATRIX)
Drag & Drop VIDEO_TS and empty AUDIO_TS folders


I have burned other files using nero and they have turned out fine and play nicely on my dvd player.
With this file the audio plays fine but the video is choppy and grainy, same response in my PC, but if I play the vob files in media player off my harddrive the video is good but there isn’t any audio.
If I put in the dvds I have burned and try to play them on my PC I get that same choppy grainy video and good enough audio.

I am desperatly seeking help.


Desperate here, can I provide any more detail?

Thanks again…

it could be your dvd-r media, try use nero…

i can answer this question - why Media player have no audio. try play with other player and it will have audio - Jet Audio www.jetaudio.com

are you sure you have properly decypted the dvd? try nero express and vermitam disks, what dvd writer are you using and what speed are you burning at?

I tried to make a dvd movie with Nero (the writer is an LG 4082B) I put the Video and Audio files into the folder but it gave me the same result…

I am going to go and bang my head on the wall some more…