Vob files and Nero

I’m just getting started digitial home movies. I have Nero OEM, Nero Digital I’m having some difficulty, particularly editing home movies. Does NeroVision Express3 and Nero Recode support vob files?
Do I need the purchase the DVD-Video plug-in or Burning ROM? Or should I go to another brand of software altogether?

Background: Windows XP, Camera: SONY DCR DVD92, ATI Radeon 200 Pentium® D cpu 2.80Ghz
System memory 445mb cpu 2800 mhz bus 200mhz
dvd burner drive: TSST Corp SHS182D

The OEM version will work with VOB files as long as you are not using AC3 audio. If AC3 is what you want, you’ll need the full version.

Thanks, dialysis1. The camera records in 2-channel Dolby, so for now, I won’t need the full version.
Yes, it appears the program does support vob files. I got off to a rough start on my first attempt to xfer some mini-dvds to the HD and burn them to a dvd.

I got an I/O error when I tried to drag and drop one particular vob or rip it from the mini with Nero. However, I was able to drag and drop it with the second computer in our home network, then transfer it over. I have also been able to drag and drop all other vob files on that first computer, although I believe I got an I/O error on one other file when I tried to rip it. So I just gave up on that and proceeded with dragging and dropping.

So the questions now are: should I get a ripper utility, since Nero seems to be a little unreliable? If so, what program would you recommend?

I’ll read the “similar threads” at the bottom of the page.