VOB files and DVDShrink

Hi There, as a new and fairley old (in age) video file user I hope someone can spread some light on my following questions.

I have copied old analogue camcorder videos to DVD and note that although I used 4.7Gb DVD+R discs, when I open the disc on my computer and look at the files they total over 9Gb.
Apart from the .ifo and .bup files the .VOB files have been triplicated or at least it looks like they have. The files are for example VTS_01_1 and then triplicated as VTS_02_1 and VTS_03_1.

When I use DVDShrink the result seems to be to remove the 02 and 03 files, all the other files seem to be just copied like for like.

So questions are 1) Why does my computer seem to see 9Gb on a disc that should only hold 4.7GB ? 2) what are the triplicated files for ? and 3) does DVDShrink just cut the triplicated files to arrive at the reduced overal DVD folder size.
I hope someone can enlighten me.

You sure it’s a 4.37GB disc and not a 8.5gb DL… A 4.37G disc will not magically turn into a 9GB file size when viewing it’s contents…Are you using DVDshrink in Re-author mode, and perhaps importing two titles equaling ~9GB?..Just a thought…

The discs have printed on them "single side, single use, 16 x speed and 4.7GB"

Sorry, forgot to say that I simply clicked on “Backup” not "re-author"

Ok!, again a 4.7GB [B]disc[/B], will not magically turn into a 9GB size [B]disc[/B]…
You’re reading/analysing the contents wrong, I’m afraid!..


Yep, I think that is the case but please explain why when I open the disc on my computer and click on “properties” it indicates 9GB ?.

I have just looked at another disc and it seems to be 10 .2 GB which cannot be right but if I copy this disc using copy and paste then it occupies 10.2 Gb on my hard drive.

When I converted the disc to .avi using WinFF it reduced the total size to about 4.7Gb but produced .avi files for all the triplicated files.

I hope someone can explain this.

Post the spec/info screenshot of the disc(s) in question…Use Nero Info Tool, Imgburn, or DVD Decrypter with disc in drive…

Sorry but I do not have any of the software programes you mention, as I said I am a beginer at this stuff. I am sure that if I did have that sort of software it would show only 4.7GB on a disc, as you said, a 4,7Gb disc cannot suddenly become larger in capacity. It must be the way in which Windows is interpreting the disc. The mystery to me is why Windows does this and then copies these “phantom” files onto my hard drive taking up more space. Because Windows sees more files it causes DVD Shrink and WinFF to create duplicates as well.
I will see if I can download one of the software programes you mention and get back with a screen shot.

Now this will indicate my level of knowledge but I cannot find a way of posting the screen I get from DVD decrypter but take it from me that it says that the source disc is 11.88Gb which is not possible as we both know that it is a 4.7 Gb disc.

Rather than trying to figure out why, what happens when you use DVD Shrink in reauthor mode? Can you see the title(s)? Remember you can Preview them in Shrink. You should be able to determine which one(s) to drag over to the left pane.

Here’s a somewhat similar example. This a standard DVD of Three Kings. But if you add up the titles etc, there’s over 16GB…