VOB file not present?What to do?

If I burn the movie without the VOB file it says Im missing will the menu in the movie still work, and if not will the dvd still start playback properly?? I dont want to burn a DL dvd to have it not work properly.

What you will do with the menu if the movie doesn’t work properly? In your case some of the vobs are makin a problem, there where the movie and audio parts are in.

the menu will work!!!

so its safe to just burn this thing?

Yup just burn it!!!

why do you want to just burn a menu?

Best would be to try it out, but like i mentioned before i can’t say that all would work perfectly.

burned it, it works fine, i just have to click ‘next’ or >> till it wakes up and goes to the menu, oh well at least it works.

The menu or the movie or both?