VOB. file issue



Yesterday, I bought a new DVD concert disc. I watch on TV via dvd players and played thru my computer it works fine. But when i copy out the audio.ts(an empty folder) and video.ts folder(contains bup, ifo & vob files). into a folder in my pc then I tried to play the VOB. file with many different kinds of players but the video and audio is very distorted. I need help asap thanks.


Looks as the CSS protection is not removed. You need to use a de-CSS tool as DVDFab to rip it to your hard disk.



dvdfab free?? i only can use the DVD full disc and main movie function.


The decrypting part of DVDFab is free, allowing you to rip the DVD to your hard drive, but the more advanced functionality (such as compressiong a DVD9 to fit onto a DVD5) requires the full pay version.


Gummigutta! I rip into my PC and can watch already. Thanks alot! Arigato Gozaimasu!

AZImmortal! Er Thanks? =.=’