VOB File-How to shrink to DVD

I have used Clad DVD S/W to decrypt a DVD into HD, the original DVD may have a few scratches. Originally I wanted to use the DVD Decrypter to decrypt the DVD but had error messages.
The CladDVD is able to decrypt to a VOB file 6.4GB size. But when I try to use the DVD Shrink S/w it was not able to read that VOB to shrink it into DVD?
What free S/W do I need to d/l to enable me to shrink this VOB file onto DVD?

DVD shrink is not able to read a single large vob file. When you rip with clad you must split vob files into 1 gb segments. Don’t know exactly where are options because I don’t use clad.

Another option is to use DVD43 (a free app that decrypt on the fly a DVD) with DVD decrypter to rip all disc on hard disc, or to use DVD43 with DVD shrink to transcode from the DVD.

Is there another software, seems the DVD43 does not run on my Xp?

I haven’t problems in my xp system. What problems do you have?

Actually it can. I have done it many times. It just requries IFO’s and BUP’s that go with it.

Try it. Use Shrink to backup a DVD and remove the 1GB file splitting. Then load it back into shrink.

Sorry, I didn’t knew this. :o

Anyway, I learned another thing navigating in this forum :bigsmile:
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But the Clad DVD only able to decrypt into a single VOB file which is 4.7GB. There is no IFO or BUP file any where. Usually I use the DVD Decryptor But there is a few scratches on the original DVD and it says there is error when it reached 94% decrypting.
Fortunately Clad DVD able to decrypt but only to a single VOB file.
The next step, I try to use DVD Shrink, which unable to read this single large VOB File 6.4GB and I am unable to copy to a DVD capacity only 4.7GB.
Without IFO & BUP how do I shrink this file into DVD??

I don’t like clad :Z because is useless.

Without IFO & BUP shrink cannot read a disc. :disagree:

If decrypter don’t allow you to rip, try to rip with shrink using this free program running in background.

Or try this alternative for decrypter to rip on HD and then to load in dvd shrink.