VOB file conveter issues

:sad:Hi I am a noob in need of some help to start the file I want to convert is in VOB format I just want to be able to share my home made video with family but cannot seem to find a converter that works. I have tried several free trials and they seem not to work when downloading them after being converted. I downloaded Avidemux after reading one of the forums but I cannot seem to figure out how to use this software. Can someone please help me find some freeware that can help me. I really want to share my video with my husband who is over seas please help. Thank you

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Here’s a quick start guide to converting the VOB file in AviDeMux. As a VOB file is usually interlaced, it takes more steps than an AVI file source from a digital camera:

[li]Start up AviDemux and click ‘Open’[/li][li]Select the VOB file and open it.[/li][li]Click ‘Yes’ to the box asking to index it.[/li][li]If you would like to only use a section, move the slider at the bottom to the start point you would like to keep and click the ‘A/’ button. Move the slider to the end position and click the ‘/B’ button.[/li][li]In the Video drop-down box, select ‘MPEG-4 ASP (Xvid4)’, then click the Configure button below.[/li][li]Set the ‘Encoding Type’ field to “Two Pass - Video Size”[/li][li]Enter the size you would like to make the video, e.g. 3MB. A smaller size is easier to e-mail, while a larger size gives better quality. I would avoid going higher than 5MB as some e-mail providers reject attachments after a certain size. Click ‘OK’.[/li][li]Click the ‘Filters’ button, click ‘Interlacing’ on the left, double-click on ‘Deinterlace’ and click ‘OK’ twice. Click ‘Transform’ on the left, then double-click on MPlayer resize’, enter ‘320’ for the width and ‘240’ for the height and click ‘OK’ and then ‘Close’.[/li][li]In the Audio drop-down box, select “MP3 (Lame)”, then click the configure button below.[/li][li]Unless you really want stereo (and know the camcorder records in stereo), set the fields to “Mono”, “CBR”, “1” and “56” respectively.[/li][li]Click Save and when writing the file name, [U]be sure to end it in ‘.avi’[/U]. E.g. “Camcorder footage.avi”[/li][li]Click ‘Save’ and wait a few minutes to encode.[/li][/ol]

Once you get a successful AVI file, you can try different interlacing and resize options and target encoding size to try improving the quality. :wink:

I do not see any box after opening the vob file… What am I doing wrong??? After opening the file the links I see are save video, information, load/run project,save project, calculator, input, output, side, top, separate. My options are Video to choose copy or any other of the options available. next is Audio choose one of the available options is the next step. Last is to choose the format. [B]What am I doing wrong[/B]???:confused:

To me it seems like you’re in a different program to AviDemux, e.g. VirtualDub, which has a different interface.

The is what AviDemux looks like once I open a VOB file. If the program you’re using does not look like this, then it’s unlikely AviDemux (or a much older version). You can get the latest version of AviDemux from here.

I do not see any box after opening the vob file… What am I doing wrong???

And if you are using AviDemux, use the dropdown menu tabs…
Here’s a guide for you to get started…Good luck!