VOB file burning problems!

I have a bunch of .VOB files that I wanted to burn on a DVD. I have used IFOEDIT to generate the necessary .IFO and .BUP files and did everything else (Changing the audio stream to ENGLISH and clicking on GET VTS SECTORS). I also had the files in the necessary order and name conventions before burning them on a DVD-R using NERO.

But upon playing the DVD on my STANDALONE DVD player, it only played the first VTS_01_001.VOB file and failed to read/play the others (VTS_01_002.VOB, etc…). I noticed that it fails to read/play the rest of the DVD on the exact point where the first VOB file ends.

I do not know what I did wrong or how to fix it. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you


not sure but i think you have to make a iso file and burn it

It seems an instruction’s failure that doesn’t allow the player to know where to go after the first VOB file.
No experience with Ifoedit, but as you know these files (IFO & BUP) use to be generated by authoring software and when you try to do the same by hand you risk to miss a small detail that can cause trouble.

Yes, I have tried to burn these .VOB files with a DVD maker program such as NEROVISION express, but the quality of the video deterioates significantly and becomes annoying to watch.

There has to be an easy way once you have the .VOB files :frowning:

UMM> ANYONE HELP!! I am still waiting … . .

OK… No one is helping here… Only other way I guess is to find another program that would burn .VOB files only (No .BUP or .IFO files included). So does anyone here know of any (worthy) software I can use to burn these files other than that IFOEDIT junk?

If you’re using this guide: http://www.videohelp.com/forum/userguides/120021.php Did you click on join clips?

You can also try dropping the file in divxtodvd and see it it works. This is the free version

Yes, I have used VOBEDIT to join the clips together, and then used IFOEDIT to generate the IFO files, etc. But upon playing the DVD, it gets “stuck” after the first VOB FILE, (It only plays the first VOB).

Also, I have used IFOEDIT only without the joining the files (who needs to join them, in the first place) … with the same results…

I’ll give that divxtodvd a try later.

OK< I have tried this divxtodvd program…
First of all, it automatically increased my TEST.VOB file size from 354 MB to 462 MB (130% increase ??? )
Secondly, I lost the CC (Closed captioning feature) on the new converted VOB file :frowning:

Finally, it took forever to convert a 5 min file…

This prog is not worth it,

Some pls help to find prog that directly burns VOB files to a DVD (NO CONVERSIONS)

See if GUI for dvdauthor helps. You have to rename the vobs to mpg. I can’t remember if it re-encodes the vobs though.

OK I downloaded and used GUI for dvdauthor by renaming the .VOB files to .MPG.

Everything was OK until it gave me this error when I tried to CREATE DVD:

ERR: SCR moves backwards, remultiplex input.

:frowning: :frowning: Don’t know whats wrong . please help .

If you want a commercial product, have a look here:


It seems to be able to do what you’re looking for.

P.S. - about your complains: don’t forget the month is August and the days over a weekend.

I’m sorry i don’t know what else to tell you. I dumped the error message in google and this is one of the links that was found. I would head over to videohelp.com and talk with them there. It’s a little out of my scope of knowledge.

The problem referred by your link is about the effects of breaching the time codes, due to the cut of commercials.
You talk about VOBs with no changes to each file.
One way it could also work would be using Ulead’s VideoStudio version 9 or 10 (sorry but this was the tool I used to put some home DVD recorder files to a DVD):

  • copy the files to a folder in you HDD
  • import the files pointing to the folder (it will “capture” all of them as Mpeg2 - as this package can edit Mpeg2 files - with no need to indicate individual files to be captured)
  • drag them to the time line in the order you want (you can edit, with cuts, transitions and effects)
  • go to menu/file/create a movie (it will encode the file - important your project should be to create a DVD compatible file)
  • author the DVD, creating the menus, etc.

I think this will work with other video editors that can edit Mpeg2 files, and its possible you can find freeware to do the same (even if you have to use separate tools).

OK< I have many programs like that such as Nero Vision Express and CyberLink DVD Solution… But they all will “re-encode” the video and I end up losing the CC (closed captioning) when I play it on DVD.


Thanks for the help by the way, I really appreciated it.
For now, I’ll store the .VOB files into a DVD-RW I guess, until I find a way to make them play on a DVD player

As a matter of fact you seem to be able to burn them, the point is that you want them to act according to your requirements and as VOB files are created in a proccess of DVD authoring (from Mpeg2 DVD compatible files, for instance) when you try to re-author a DVD the package starts to “encode” the discs, maybe not your VOBs, unless your project definitions have something different that causes the VOBs to be modified (it can happen due to sound for instance, not exactly the video, or the video if you define a different bitrate for the new disc).
When you use a DVD creating software you have to look at all variables, not just file extension names.
If you investigate it further you may ending up with the result you’re looking for.
Good luck.

This CANNOT work because all the filenames violate the 8+3 restrictions!!!

OK< I have figured a way to do this (finally).

I have used Nero Vision to burn the DVD files for me, and it worked out fine, all thanks to NERO SMART ENCODING

I’ve got the files working , with everything in between to add in.

Lesson learned: Do not rely on cheap freeware junk (IFOedit)