Vob extract has 2 ac3 track

Hi to all.

I’ve got a little bit of a problem here. I downloaded a vob file which has 2 ac3 in it. this vob file I’m trying to burn to DVD using nero vision express.

problem is, the track that is playing is not the track that I want and I cannot change tracks. (it’s as if the other track doesn’t exist).

I’m asking if I can delete altogether the unwanted ac3 track from the main vob file.

the other option I did was to convert the vob file to divx with the right track that I want using FlaskMPEG. BUT the video somehow deteriorated. :frowning:

If there is a way to simply delete the unwanted ac3 track OR when transcoding in NERO vision express, I can choose which track should play.

Thanks very much.

This can be done easily using two freeware tools:

  1. Use IFOEDIT to create IFO and BUP files for you VOB file. You only have to slect the create IFOs button and navigate to your VOB file. You may need to rename the VOB file to the standard DVD format.

  2. Use DVDshrink to re-author the VOB file. This will allow you to select main title, whichever audio tracks etc. There are plenty of guides on the web how to use it.

Nero Recode will basically do the same as DVDShrink if you have it.

thanks for the reply oilman.

i’ve downloaded ifoedit and followed your suggestion.

when i tried to make an ifo and bup file, i get this error message:
“Could not find any VOB unit in VOB file(s)”

(i’ve also renamed the file to VTS_01_1.VOB already)

I am not sure I can help here - I wonder if the source VOB is non standard (which may be why you cant select the right audio track). Also is the VOB file > 1GB (max for DVD compliangt stryucture) - this might cause problems?

Perhaps you could use NVE first (import VOB) and create a DVD compliant structure first. Then use DVD shrink or similar thereafter. This will take more time as you have to reauthor the VOB file first.

the vob file is just 120mb. it’s just a linkin park mtv here’s the vob.

it has a commentary track and the music track itself. when i used NVE, the default was the commentary track and when I played it in the player, i can’t seem to choose my desired track.

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Demux the VOB 1st
Run ReJig in File Mode and add the VOB, then select Done
In the Stream List and Demuxing Select/Click on the MPEG Video Stream and hit Demux button (Choose a destination DIR to store the video).
Do the Same for the 1st Audio stream (the music) and check mark the Fix & Correct AC3 Delay… then Demux
Do the same for the 2nd Audio file (Commentary) is you want to use it for your DVD.
If you want to author a simple DVD with no menu, etc, just Use ReJig DVD author and select your .M2V and 1st AC3 track and create a VIDEO_TS folder that is ready to burn to DVD. If you want to create a DVD with both tracks just add the 2nd audio track during the DVD author stage in the audio pane. Choose a DIR to save to and hit Create. Both audio tracks will be present and selectable using your players audio setup.
I D/L’d the video and did the above in about 2 minutes and created a simple working DVD.

thanks Daemonicus! will do that in a while! I’ll keep you posted how i fared, but since you did it with the same file, i hope i can also have a working vob file.

many thanks again guys!

done with this.

Thanks a lot for the rejig software guide Daemonicus!