.vob editor?



Well I don’t know if this is the right place to post it but I thought this will fit. If not then sorry!

I’ve backed up a dvd I have since I’ve figured it became too damaged and got scared it won’t work and I can not buy it again (shops don’t seem to have it anymore). Guess it was a last chance backup since eventhough I could backup it it has little errors which I’d like to edit out!

1.,I’m looking for a software wich could cut my vob file that way for me that I could cut 1-2 seconds out of it (like it won’t be there, that’s what I don’t want to keep) but I don’t have to convert it(to mpeg or anything) for editing since I’d like to keep the original menus so I want to put the edited vob back to it’s place! Plus it would keep the subtitles as ‘selectabel’ and not as ‘must be there’!

2.,Or a software which could ripp this vob file for me like seperate video seperate audio AND seperate subtitles! Also it should not resize the picture (from 4:3 to 16:9, or from 720x480 to 320xY /sorry I don’t remember the second number!/)! So I could recreate the vob file I had and place that back into my image I made after which I would burn it!

Which software could do this for me (either 1., or 2.,; either option is good for me))?


Take a look in the tools section at www.videohelp.com. There are vob editors, or you can try other tools like dvdrebuilder, may dvdshrink, and dvdfabdecrypter.