Vob editing tool

Is there a tool that will allow me to change the chapter settings in a vob file or will i have to convert to mpeg4 first? If there is such a tool where can I find it?


as to change where you skip? like have a chapter every 5min. or custom ones…
Try TMPGEnc DVD Author or DVD shrink

The chapter info is stored in the IFO file, not the VOB file. You can use IFOEdit to edit the chapter points. Its been a LOOOOONNNGGG time since I done that so I really cant help any more specific, but check out IFOEdits home page, they may have Tuts, guides, etc

yes the chapters. Its a video dvd with different videos and I just want to readjust when each chapter begins and ends.
I tried dvd shrink couldn’t do it.
tried tmpgenc and it save it to some tda file. got lost after that.
will have to try dvd author

Thanks for the info I will look around on how to edit IFO files.

lol no i was talking about “TMPGEnc DVD Author” and not (TMPGEnc) OR (DVD Author).
I do my chapers with : TMPGEnc DVD Author so it should work… very eZ.