Vob editing tool?

I have Ben Hur and its a “flipper”.
Now I wanna shove this 2 sided DVD onto 1 DVD. trouble is, at the end of side 1 a screen comes up with an “intermission” message. Is there any tool that can edit the offending vob and remove it, the re-save the vob?


I backuped my copy of BEN Hur only a week or so ago.

I used the DVD2SVCD w/ CCE and Maestro to back it up. When Authoring in Maestro, I just put a chapter point at the start of the Intermission and one at the end. Then in Connections, I set the Target for the LAST ACTION of the Chapter prior the Intermiassion chapter to jump to the start of the chapter after the Intermission sequence. That way on playback it just jumps the section and both scenes where a black screen for a split second prior and after so no one is any the wiser it was jumped.

Bloody hell…so simple when you think about it :wink: