VOB Edit?

Hello. I have 6 .vob files that i would (have) like(d) to use in Windows Movie Maker but it does not support them. I found out i could rename them to .mpg and they would work. 1,4,5, and 6 of the 6 videos work but 2 and 3 wont. I was wondering if anyone knows of a program almost identical or close to Windows Mvie Maker that can support .vob’s. Thank you.

If you are trying to edit VOB files, try VOB2MPG or SUPER.

well see thats just it. When i converted them, since they are 1gb each, they became 20gb each and i dont have the room for that. =/ thats why i was looking for something like what i said. thanks though.

If you want to play with video files, you have to have free space on your hard drive, and lots of it.


Sounds like what you’d like to do is to use VOBEdit to join those clips into a single title and then use IFOEdit to create the IFOs/BUPs??

Am I to guess that? That you only have the VOBs? And that you wanted to combine them altogether into a single video??

What exactly did you want to do with those VOBs in Movie Maker??