VOB but no IFO/BUP?

I used DMC Pro to convert an AVI to MPEG-2 DVD NTSC (*.VOB). The movie_name.VOB file shows up at my destination (my desktop) but there is no corresponding Video_TS folder with the IFO/BUP files. Did I do something wrong? I searched my computer for them and they are nowhere to be found. I need them for burning the movie to DVD.

Not familiar with DMC Pro, but you can create the IFOs and Bups with IfoEdit…

Maybe next time try a another avi–> DVD conversion app, like ConvertxtoDVD, AVStoDVD or DVDFlick…
Just as alternatives…:wink:

DVDFlick should also take that .vob file you have now and make the finished dvd for you without reencoding…assuming the .vob file was made correctly and is compliant to dvd specs.

It would probably be easier to use than IFOEdit.

Thanks for the advice. Will do.