VOB 2 uncompressed AVI

I would like to convert VOB files (which are on my HD) to an uncompressed AVI (not DivX or XviD) … I have heard that “DVD2AVI” can do that but it doesn’t do it for me because when I select as output “Uncompressed AVI” it produces avi file of 0 bytes. Can you help? Oh yeah, converting “D2V” file to AVI (through frameserver like AVISynth) doesn’t work also (not for me) …

Sorry for my bad spelling but English is not my native tangue.

Hi toofat, and welcome to the club!

Are you sure you want to convert an MPEG2 stream to uncompressed AVI? I don’t know exactly how much space this would require, but I thought it was really really really a lot of space (about 300mb/sec or so!).

But ok, it can be done ofcourse. There are many programs here that can do it, but I prefer this nice program called Vidomi, as it has a great interface and can do the job very well. It also can convert your files into other MPEG4 formats that fit in an AVI-container like DivX and Xvid.

The only problem might be, that your sound get crippled. Don’t panic! If this happens, just report back to us and I (or somebody) else can tell you how to solve this problem!