VMG Warning While Merging Two DVDs


I amusing DVDReMake Pro 3.6.3

I am having a warning while trying to merge two DVDs. The warning is as follows:

WARNING: Different VMG streams detected. This may have an undesired effect on the playback of the DVD.

I am not really sure what does it mean as I am completely new in this merging (my second try to be exact).

My intention is: Merge two DVDs into one and then Shrink it to fit in a DVD5. I am not much bothered about the quality in this case, so I am ready to compromise quality over size.

So could some one please tell me what should I do? Should I proceed or not? And how can I get rid of this warning?

Please help. :frowning:

Thank you.

Is one 16:9 and the other 4:3? This is OK for various titlesets (the VTSs are added on the merge), but there can still only be one video manager (VMG), which must have the same attributes.

If this is so, you will need to decide if the video in the Video Manager is useful. You can hide unwanted video.


Thank you blutach for responding…

I shall check the MediaInfo output of the vob files (the ones with 0.99 GB in size) for the aspect ratio and let you know ASAP. But from my memory of watching both, I think the Aspect Ratio of both the disc’s main video content are the same.

Regarding VMG, how should I check it and how exactly block it? I am sorry for asking this mundane question, but as i said I am rather very new in this software’s use…

Thanks again…

It is the aspect ratio (AR) of the video in VMG that matters. Each titleset can have a different AR; that does not matter. But since there’s only one VMG, it needs to be one or t’other. Check in each project the AR of VMG. Decide whether the video is worth preserving in VMG - mostly, it is rubbish. If you hide all blocks in one project, you can then make the ARs consistent.


Thanks blutach…

you are correct, the first one’s VMG contained nothing and the second was contained some worthless promo of about 5 MB in size. I have chosen to hide both VMGs and everything went smoothly…


Good for you. Well done!