Vm increasing problem in win xp

well i have installed winxp 2002 and 2003 as well but my problem is not solving…winxp show me message of increasing vm memory …well i have p4 1.6 ram is 256 and hard drive 80gb win 98 works welll but when ever i use internet on win xp after fresh installation and then i see the vm it increases to 840 ,…well it is at itss peak …my internet expolre take to0o much of vm …and all other net applications…i have never been such problem…but i have cable net so0o i have install some antispyware and norton antivirus 2004 …and every hting i could d00o for security but vm incresing is still there for winxp anyone plz help me …or if possbile email me zeeshani2@hotmail.com

(note: my system runs under win98 well no such problems …)

WinXP2002 and 2003?

I never heard of 2002, maybe you mean SP2???
2003 is server, why in the world would you install that?

To solve this VM issue u need to create one more user and log with the new user and see whether it is also doing the same (increase in VN).
IF yes I cant;t suggest u any think,
if not it is very sipple just copy ur document setting to owerwrite the document setting of other user.
to do this first enable show all hidden files from tools-folder option.
and u need to create one more user log with that user and copy the document seeting from first user to 2 second user and ur problem will be solved.

the need of creating the third user is that if u try to copy the documrnt setting of first user to second the windows display a popup that files are in use and cannot copy the files.

thats why u need the third user.

and log into third user and copy yhe first user document setting to second one. and log with second one and see whether Vm increase or not.

get more ram for winxp it will be slow and use alot more vm as you only have 256 of ram, win98 doesnt need that much ram to run so you wont see the same symptoms