VLC V1.03 not responding or looks to be running?

I notice that with the latest version of V1.03 unzip and shortcutted to that when I click on it all it does is nothing. I checked my task manager and it shows it taking up RAM but no activity. It just sits there doing nothing. Has anyone had this problem? I have xp pro sp3 current updates as well and WMP11 as well. I know the previous version 1.02 ran perfectly fine but this version didn’t?

Works for me, same OS, maybe corrupt download?

Runs great here (Win 7 x64), finally upgraded from 1.0 and it doesn’t shut Aero when playing!

No corruption downloade zip file then unzip and ran it it shows it on the task manager but nothing? I went back to using WMP11 and WinDVD for now as I didn’t really have the need to use VLC but I thought it would be fixed being able to play all video types but not for me.