VLC install associations

Hi everyone,

Please don’t move this to hardware as this post’s mostly about install file associations.

Ref. enabling “extend windows desktop onto this monitor” for my RADEON ICP335 card, assuming I’m going about my aim correctly, I find WMP10 won’t/doesn’t ‘overlay’ played mpg’s & other vids onto my standalone DVD Player.

While the player seems somewhat capable of this as it does display the laptop’s desktop “background” (not the actual desktop w/icons, just the background picture I’ve chosen for the desktop).

Also the Windows screensaver’s My Pictures screensaver kind of works as even though I can’t see any differences in the jpeg picture’s properties, some pictures only display on the laptop and the others only display on the DVD player’s screen.

Advice thus far is to install VLC and set (it?) to overlay mode, but sorta wary of install associations as I don’t know which prog’s are codec and/or file hogs (bad experience once with Infraview).

Anyone have an good understanding about how best avoiding install issues by limiting VLC’s associations?

When opting VLC’s ass’s, certainly existing app ass’s must be considered, so advice there’s needed.

I currently only run few vid file players (WMP10, WMPC649, FLV133 & QT713).

DVD and other media app’s:

Interlead’s MF4
KWorld’s analog to digital capturing software
(its mpeg editor, TVR & PVR)
Wisdom-soft AutoScreenRecorder30 (free* w/no audio)
Audacity126 (free digital audio editor)

If you’re nervous about it, don’t associate VLC with anything. You can always right click and choose ‘Open With -> VLC’. Personally I’d let it have any it wants. And then you can right click and pick a different program if you like.

I don’t associate any app with anything and choose what i want to do whatever with.

Thanks for replies.

Sorry for my duh-ness, but where you say…

“You can always right click and choose ‘Open With -> VLC’.”

What’s being right clicked?

If you’re referring to right-clicking media files, do you know if VLC will open the file that way?

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Aaand, if installing VLC w/o any ass’s, how might that affect how one uses VLC for a given file (example, an mpg file)?

In other words, if VLC had no ass’s, would it require as the 2nd reply indicates, opening all media files by right clicking them to open in VLC?

[quote=urrguru;2069931]Anyone have an good understanding about how best avoiding install issues by limiting VLC’s associations?[/quote]Install VLC with no file associations, and add the progam icon to the taskbar. Drop the files you want to play onto it.

There ia actually another way to avoid “installation issues” with VLC: download the portable version (see the download page and grab the .ZIP or the .7z version).

The portable version doesn’t require any installation. You need only to unpack the archive in any folder you like and then run VLC.exe.

Thank you for clearing up my duh-ness.