VLC 3.0 now supports h.265 hardware acceleration, HDR and rec.2020


VLC 3.0

I’ve popped a few of my uhd blu-ray .mkv’s into 3.0 and it is now playing smoothly using negligible amounts of the CPU just like MPC. The colors are no longer ‘washed out’ on standard rec.709 & non-hdr displays (I don’t know if this effect was caused by lack of WCG support or HDR or somehow both). However, I did notice on at least one title (Spider-man Homecoming) the bright areas were blown out while they weren’t on MPC so there may still need to be work done for some HDR ranges.
Edit: Seems to not be not handling titles mastered at 4000 nits max brightness as well as 1000 nits (again vs. VLC). All the highlights are blown out. But even the 1000 nit content is not mapping well as it is darker and the colors more muted (than MPC).


IMO, it is hard to beat MPC-HC along with MadVR for video playback quality.


MPC by itself is good but MadVR does certainly seem to help it a bit more with the tone mapping to SDR displays (don’t see a purpose for it with a UHD display though.) VLC at the moment, not so good, but finally making progress.
What it looks like at the moment:


I use it on a 4k Samsung HDR TV and when tweaked right it looks very good. It takes some time to configure to your personal preference.


Chromecast “support” is still so terrible that it would have been better to not pretend it exists at all.


Still a hot pile of garbage for me.

I get a 5fps slideshow when playing UHD rips on a 2017 MBP.


Are you guys and gals using the 64bit or X86 bit?


For now the 32-bit version.




I have never understood all the love for VLC. There are better free players out there IMO.


I use the 32 bit version of MPC-HC as it is the only one supported by madVR.


I use the 64-bit version without issue with madVR. Is there something I am missing?


It has to be used with the x86 version of MPC-HC. They both will work under 64 bit windows.


@alan1476 - What exactly are you trying to play? An MKV? A full disc structure? I play the former sometimes on my 2013 MBP. The odd frame gets dropped here or there, especially on a wireless setup (although even a USB3 thumb drive can choke a bit), but 5 fps sounds way off. I might’ve gotten that on a nightly build a couple of months ago but nightly builds are unstable. The only thing I can think of is that maybe the HW acceleration code is broken. (Your Kaby Lake CPU can HW decode, unlike my Haswell.)


I play all different kinds of video. VLC has always been good for me.


@philwashere I think you meant to reply to @monte1 rather than @alan1476. :slight_smile:


Full UHD rips from MakeMKV. CPU load maxes out - so obviously HW decode isn’t working as expected.

Maybe I’m an edge case, maybe it’s bad code. To be honest, I’ve found the VLC devs tend to be arrogant and unreceptive to helpful feedback so I don’t even bother trying anymore.


I am not sure I understand your response, but I am using the x64 version of MPC-HC with madVR.


I’m fond of PotPlayer myself. Tried MPC-HC but it couldn’t take native-resolution screenshots and it lacked an auto file naming format that used the timestamp of the film rather than the system time.


@DrinkLyeAndDie - Oops. :slight_smile:

@monte1 - Yeah, I don’t know what to tell you. If you’re playing disc rips, maybe libbluray is buggy? (It added 4K disc support only in the last month or so.) VLC is useful but it can be a nightmare to configure, much less find someone willing to explain how to do this or that.