VIZIO & Sony Announce Product Support for Dolby AC-4 Object-Based Audio Platform



Both companies have pledged support for the upcoming audio technology.

Dolby has announced a partnership with VIZIO and Sony to incorporate Dolby AC-4 audio into their future products. The next-gen audio format is geared toward broadcast TV and streaming services.

“We are pleased to be working with Sony Visual Products and VIZIO to bring products with Dolby AC-4 technology to market, and are proud to count them among a growing list of CE manufacturers, SOC providers, and professional partners who support Dolby AC-4,” said Giles Baker, Senior Vice President, Broadcast Business Group, Dolby. “Dolby AC-4 has already been standardized by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute and DVB. And now, as a candidate for ATSC, Dolby AC-4 is made more powerful by the addition of these global leaders in consumer displays.”

The Dolby AC-4 format offers new features and scalable solutions for broadcast and streaming audio, including alternate language options, services for hearing and visually impaired audiences, and object-based audio capabilities. In addition to upcoming VIZIO and Sony products, the technology is also being considered for incorporation into the new ATSC 3.0 broadcast system.

Product development for Dolby AC-4 is now underway, and consumer televisions with support for the format are expected to hit the market in 2017.


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