Vizio passes Sony in flat panel TVs

TAIPEI (Reuters) - LCD TV brand Vizio Inc overtook Sony during the fourth quarter to become the second-best selling flat panel TV brand in the United States after stepping up its marketing efforts, research firm iSuppli said.



Those Vizio’s just look so bad (picture wise). I guess sometimes your pocket dictates what you must get, I personally would save more money, wait and go for the Sony.

proving once again that low price beats good quality and thereby cementing the fate of the world to become a giant dump :stuck_out_tongue:

Are Vizio tv’s that cheap though? I’ve seen panasonic and samsung tv’s cost about the same…and to me they both seem to have a better picture.

edit: there’s a little difference in price…between $50-100 or something

Keep in mind that Vizio is the popular Wal-Mart variety cost-effective set. In otherwords, anyone in america has easy access to purchase one. I agree that even though in terms of brightness the Vizio’s aren’t bad, that they are by far one of the worst LCDs when it comes to pixelation. The price difference isn’t much between the Vizio and a comparable spec Sharp or Samsung. The latter two having infinitely better picture quality.