Vizio overtakes Samsung in TV sales in North America

I just posted the article Vizio overtakes Samsung in TV sales in North America.

Samsung lost its lead in the North American LCD TV market to low-cost U.S. television maker Vizio, whose low-cost TVs have become increasingly popular among consumers looking to save money during a…

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Vizio might be cheaper but when I hear “Vizio”, I just don’t think of quality. You get what you pay for in the long run.

Vizio consistently gets high grades in consumer reports for quality and durability. In fact, in the 40" to 46" size, Vizio is often rated above the “name” brands.

It may be a good value but you cannot compare a kia to a mercedes no matter how well its made

I don’t think the kia/mercedes analogy is really accurate. I was at Costco this past weekend and they had Vizio & Samsung 46" LCDs side-by-side playing the same HD source material – and I was surprised that, at least on Costo’s display stations that are much better than BB or other big-box stores, the differences were negligible. My wife agreed, and even thought the Vizio looked “sharper”. I’m sure if I had them in my home and tweaked the Samsung, it would look superior to the Viz…but I don’t think the vast majority of cash-strapped consumers buying them are as tweaky as the tiny fringe represented by cdfreaks.