Vizio outsells Sony in flat-panel TVs during Q4

I just posted the article Vizio outsells Sony in flat-panel TVs during Q4.

Vizio has officially overtaken Sony as the No. 2 supplier of flat-panel TVs in the United States during Q4 2008, in a move showing Sony is having trouble battling the struggling economy as Vizio…

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I’m not surprised - maybe they’ll be number one some day, although it would be pretty tough to overtake Samsung. I have several friends who have Vizio TVs, and they all swear by them and say they wouldn’t by anything else.

I just got a Samsung Plasma, PN50A650T, and that thing is freaking phenomenal. I wouldn’t buy anything else. I am surprised that Vizio is doing so well. I always thought of that brand as cheap looking, lacked quality, and didn’t offer many features. Maybe I should re-think that position when I am looking for a display next time.But, with this Samsung Plasma, that is going to hard to do, lol. :slight_smile:

I don’t know anything about Vizio, but Samsung makes great hardware and their televisions are no exception. I also like their hard disc drives. Quiet, fast, reliable and at a good price point.

meh, panasonic viera does it for me personally, but certainly wouldn’t turn down samsung as a second option because even their whole design of their TV’s look nice! never heard of Visio though!

This is bullshit.

I have a Sony 40" Bravia Z series and it leaves all other LCDs for dead. The color reproduction and clarity (even with blacks) is outstanding. Sony is the leader in this market as their panels are better engineered than the competition. This is a fact and no amount of propaganda spin about unknown brands like “Vizio” will change that.

sorry BitRate, but the consumer votes with their feet i’m afraid. it doesn’t matter how good quality a TV/electrical good is, if it doesn’t sell, then theres nothing a company can do.

what sells, sells, nothing anyone can do about it really. i mean when you see two 32 inch flat screens side by side, and one is several hundred dollars cheaper, it does not matter about which one has a higher quality, to most people they might look pretty much the same.

That’s funny since Sony has been using mostly Samsung LCD panels (and started using Sharp as well in 2006/07),. Sony does not produce LCD panels, they placed their bets on plasma.

Hello to all! after reading the posts of many viewers here, and also reading the article of Visio now being the number two supplier of flat panel tv tubes in the US, I must say that after reading such article, It made me smile a little with satisfaction personally because I personally believe that while I do agree with the previous poster, Bitrate and his comment regarding Sony being a top of the line flat pannel for sharpness, color rendition, and clarity, bar none, I must give the Visio tv the respect it deserves and also a job well done as far as the bigger tv is concerned, (42"and bigger) it is my humble opinion that a person buying such will recieve more bang for his consumer buck. It has been said in posts that I have read in the past that the visio tv has become the tv for the everyday working person. If this is the case, then perhaps they do deserve a closer look.